Retire village is designed to be your 1-stop marketing system. Comprised of several components, Retire Village will allow you to streamline your marketing efforts so that you can focus on the things that are most important, sales!

Drip Marketing (Email)

  • Auto-Drip E-Mails - Twice every month we send out emails to your contacts list on your behalf, with links to relevant, retirement related articles presented on your web site.
  • Custom Drip Messages - You can send out your own personalized emails to your prospects at any time using our easy-to-use email interface.

Personal Retire Village Website

  • Receive a personalized website- ( designed to generate and track leads for your business. View Sample.
  • Give your clients and prospects access to articles, videos, and a library of downloads. Retire Village creates the content and maintains the website.

Contact Activity Reports

Daily lead reports show you any contacts activity you have had on your Retire Village website for the previous day. Knowing what your customers are reading allows you to follow up with them on the topics they are most interested in.

Videos Service

Our standard service comes with a full video library, and a new video is added to your web site each month.

Special Services Available to Contracted Agents

  • is our content partner, and because of this all contracted agents are eligible for a $100/month discount of our regular membership services.
  • Contracted agents are eligible for our exclusive Customized Video service which allows agents to present a personalized content offer at the end of each video we produce, and each month the new video we put out is "wrapped" with agent contact information and biography, loaded to their web site video library, and codes are presented to agents which allow them to email these customized videos or present them in other online marketing efforts.
  • Contracted agents are eligible for discounted leads and exclusive first-look on auctioned leads from lead providers.
  • Contracted agents are eligible for bundled marketing services developed by to drive traffic to their Retire Village Web site, as well as lead contact services developed in conjunction with their integrated marketing programs.